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Thomas Kinkade Walk of Faith

walkfaithThomas Kinkade Walk of Faith
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Thomas Kinkade has spent over four years prepping for Walk of Faith. When Thom first painted this, he called it "walking with the savior." You will find St. Peter carrying the Bible and the key to Paradise and Jesus is carrying the Book of Life.
Thomas Kinkade's Walk of Faith captures a magnificent garden scene including waterfalls and various pathways. In the painting Walk of Faith, Thomas Kinkade captured what he imagines Heaven would look like and the experience we all hope to endure by having a private walk with the Messiah. In looking closely at the painting, you can clearly and easily identify Jesus Christ as one of the figures and Saint Peter as the other.

As a young boy, Thomas Kinkade once saw a similar painting which stuck with him for his entire life. Thom strongly believes his talent in painting is a complete gift from God and feels he's had many conversations with him. How nice is it to capture such a conversation in a painting?

Thomas Kinkade Walk of Faith
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This painting is amazing when you see it in person. Yes, Jesus and St. Peter's faces are done in tremendous detail!

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