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MASTER HIGHLIGHTER EVENTS (Free to our customers)

Each limited edition canvas is hand highlighted by a specially trained professional artist or by Thomas Kinkade himself (depending on the edition of the painting) prior to the painting being shipped to the gallery. To add to the experience of buying the artwork, our galleries host 4 Master Highlighting events throughout the year in which a Master Highlighter visits our galleries and enhances our customers' paintings by adding additional oil brushstrokes and texturing while our customers watch! Only 2% of Thomas Kinkade's limited edition canvases have this extra highlighting done to them.  Master Highlighting is based on availability and not guaranteed for every painting purchased.

Having your canvas highlighted adds an additional $250 value to your canvas and is FREE to collectors who purchase from us. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT TO HAVE YOUR CANVAS HIGHLIGHTED! If you are not in the state of Colorado, we can still reserve a date to have your purchase(s) highlighted. We dare you to find another gallery which will provide such service.  Master Highlighting is available for limited edition Thomas Kinkade artwork only and it must have been purchased through this website or at one of our Colorado gallery locations, otherwise the cost is $250.



PAT KINKADE EVENTS (Free to our Customers)

Pat Kinkade (Thom's only brother) grew up with Thom and both have an extremely close relationship. Pat will sometimes travel to Thomas Kinkade galleries, meet with collectors, and share stories of growing up with Thom. Like Thom, Pat is also a painter and he is considered the next best thing to Thomas Kinkade himself.

Therefore, since Pat Kinkade is in such high demand, he will only hand highlight our customer's limited edition canvas pieces which are Renaissance (R/E) or Studio Proof (S/P) Editions, much like the Master Highlighter events (adding $300 value to the piece). However, Pat Kinkade will also draw an original pencil sketch on the reverse side of ALL limited edition canvas pieces purchased from either our Colorado Galleries or this website (adding $250 value to the piece). Our two Colorado Galleries feature a free Pat Kinkade event two times per year and canvases purchased on our website qualify as well. In other words, you do not need to be present to have your painting highlighted or sketched by Pat Kinkade.Please note, a majority of our inventory has already been worked on by Patrick Kinkade. Call 800-771-9501 to inquire.

Date of next Pat Kinkade Event:  To Be Announced

In addition, Pat Kinkade will bring with him several Thomas Kinkade ORIGINAL paintings and hand drawn sketches which are sold at the event at a tremendous discount of around 75% off the market price. Our Galleries also sell original artwork from Pat's nineteen year old son, Zac Kinkade. Zac is Thomas Kinkade's only relative who truly has the gift of the next Kinkade great artist and he has dedicated his life in following in the footsteps of his famous uncle. Of course, having Pat Kinkade as your father and Thomas Kinkade as your mentor has allowed Zac to grow in his skills as an artist. His original artwork is stupendous and is sold at our galleries for very affordable prices (typically under $500). There is great speculation that Zac Kinkade is becoming the next great heir to Thomas Kinkade and anticipating this, many Kinkade collectors are purchasing his original artwork from our galleries before he becomes published.


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