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Thomas Kinkade Eternal Springtime

Thomas Kinkade Eternal SpringtimeThomas Kinkade Eternal Springtime
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Thomas Kinkade Eternal Springtime
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Thomas Kinkade's Eternal Springtime was Thom's final painting that he had just completed just a couple weeks prior to his passing and it has been kept in his wife (Nanette Kinkade's) home since that time. Thom's wife, Nanette Kinkade found it resting on his easel at his private studio. Nanette Kinkade has kept the original unveiled the original "Eternal Springtime" painting to a selected few gallery owners in February 2013 and she informed us that Thomas Kinkade had a routine where he would devote some time daily to enjoy the outdoors and he had a favorite bench where he would read the bible or his books, surrounded by sunlight and the beauty of nature, to relax and absorb God's goodness. Despite having a very busy schedule, Thom still take time to reflect on life and mother nature. Thomas Kinkade's Eternal Springtime in Nanette's words, "depicts the perfect place to recharge and disconnect from daily life, even if just for a few minutes. One cannot help but smell the sweet fragrance of the lilies or feel the warmth from the sun shining onto the weathered bench when viewing this piece. This is a serene resting place where peacefulness reigns and the hope that the springtime significance is painted into every stroke." Nanette also stated  that Thomas Kinkade's Eternal Springtime "reflects Thom's spirit, optomism, peace, joy and hope which is what symobolized Thom and is what Thom was. Eternal Springtime is a perfect example of Thom's way of continuing to let his light shine."

Interesting facts about Eternal Springtime by Thomas Kinkade: 

Eternal Springtime was 100% completed by Thomas Kinkade and was found resting on his easel along with all his paint dabs , color mixes, hand written notes, and even the title on the painting board surround the canvas.

Thomas Kinkade's wife Nanette and their children have very strong sentimental feelings towards this painting as it symbolizes Thom, his life, and the beauty of God's world.

Many of the flowers painted in Thomas Kinkade's Eternal Springtime are lilys or Hemerocallis which is Greek for "beauty" and "day." Although each lily bloom lasts for just one day, each lily stalk contains many blossoms whoch bloom each day for many weeks-symbolic for bringing hope for each new day-which is the theme behind this painting.

Thom's message he wanted to share in Eternal Springtime is to inspire collectors to take time from their busy schedules to indulge in peacefulness, beauty, and serenity as Thom did while sitting on his bench in the sunshine.

Thom's family believes that Eternal Springtime is the most sentimental and most meaningful painting Thomas Kinkade has ever painted.


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Thomas Kinkade Eternal Springtime
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