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Thomas Kinkade All Aboard for Christmas Limited Edition Canvas

Thomas Kinkade All Aboard for Christmas Limited Edition Canvas
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Product Info

starting at: $750.00+

Thomas Kinkade All Aboard for Christmas has been released for Christmas 2012.  "All Aboard For Christmas" is one of the last completed paintings by Thomas Kinkade before he passed away.  All Aboard for Christmas by Thomas Kinkade was done in conjuntion with the Lionel Train set company.  Thomas Kinkade received his first Lionel Electric Train set as a child and forever loved to dream with it. Thomas Kinkade's All Aboard For Christmas is Thom's first painting featuring a train and this painting was done as a tribute and partnership with The great company of Lionel. In fact, this painting will be featured on the box cover of Lionel's Christmas Train set that will be released for 2012. Thomas Kinkade's All Aboard For Christmas features the town Lionelville and the route for which the train is traveling is the Lionel Express. You'll notice the engine number on the train is 1225 which represents December 25th. Look closely and you'll find Santa Claus shaking hands with a young child and another child in the image is waving a "Lionel Flag" for the arrival of the train.

There is nostalgia in childhood…the security of a family holiday tradition…and in the adventure of railway travel.  In this homecoming, family and friends are reunited for the holidays.  It is a community event in Lionelville when the train arrives and the celebration begins.   Indeed, I smile when I say…”All Aboard for Christmas”! The excitement of the railway is ingrained in the American experience of travel.  It is what opened the west to the east as part of our country’s manifest destiny.  It is a fundamental part of our popular culture…who has not dreamed of riding the “Orient Express” or the iron horse of the American plains?  And, it is a part of my own “growing up” as my most favorite of all childhood Christmas gifts.  As a boy, I received my first Lionel electric train set under a yuletide tree and still delight in the memory of its set-up and of the imagined adventures I had on those scaled down tracks.  For a child there is nothing as exciting as the dream of faraway places and the adventures in travel one might have to reach them.  For those young at heart, the beat of the rail as the train gains speed brings the excitement of travel and the emotional warmth of homecoming.  Join me in Lionelville, a place where adventures start and reunions are enjoyed throughout the holiday season.  God Bless!

- Thomas Kinkade

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