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Frequently Asked Questions

Why purchase from our website or our galleries at Thomas Kinkade at Southglenn Mall?
Why not purchase on-line from Ebay or an unauthorized Kinkade Gallery? I'm sure I can get a deal!
Does Thomas Kinkade Limited Edition artwork really appreciate after they sell out?
What is the best lighting to use to capture the effects of Thomas Kinkade's artwork?
What is a Master Highlighter Event?
What is a Patrick Kinkade Event?
What symbols can we find in Kinkade's art?
What charity work does Thomas Kinkade support?
Why does Thomas Kinkade release different Limited Editions?
What is a Standard Number Edition (S/N)?
What is an Artist Proof (A/P)?
What is a Gallery Proof (G/P)?
What is a Publisher Proof (P/P)?
What is a Renaissance Edition (RE)?
What is a Studio Proof (S/P)?
What is an Estate Edition (E/E)?
What is a Jewell Edition (J/E)?
What is a Master Edition (M/E)? *Available Please contact one of our galleries if interested in purchasing.
How can I purchase a Thomas Kinkade Original?
I've heard some negative stories about Thomas Kinkade and his artwork. Are these true?

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Why purchase from this website or our Thomas Kinkade Signature Gold Gallery?

We strive to make certain that each of our customers are completely 100% satisfied and guarantee that we will provide the best service over all other Thomas KInkade galleries/websites. You want proof? Simply read on and compare us with anyone else out there:

  • No Sales Tax
  • Money back Guarantee within 5 days of receiving your purchase.
  • Low Price Guarantee: Our prices will not be beat. We'll match or beat our competitor's prices while still giving you the best customer service you deserve. Our prices are never inflated and follow the suggested Thomas Kinkade retail price. We sell many sold out paintings (such as Renaissance and Studio Proofs) at their original release price despite their huge price increase after Thom's passing.
  • 12 month 0% Financing* through General Electric. Process takes just 5 minutes to complete. Please call 800-771-9501 to qualify.  Click Here for Details.
  • Free 6 month Layaway (must call 800-771-9501).  See Full Layaway Policy Here
  • Free Shipping anywhere that Federal Express delivers in the contiguous United States for orders over $99.00.  $10 shipping on orders less than $99.00.  International shipments will and overseas shipments incur extra charges. We pay for all insurance costs as well.
  • We operate one of the largest Thomas Kinkade Signature Gold Galleries as opposed to just a Thomas Kinkade "authorized gallery" or no gallery at all. Keep in mind, many online sellers claim to be authorized when they do not even have a storefront or are in fact "unauthorized." Other online sellers have only a "Premier" or "Showcase" status hence, limiting their availability in acquiring licensed Thomas Kinkade product versus a "Signature Gallery" which is considered an elite gallery and can sell ALL Thomas Kinkade artwork. In addition, not only are non-signature galleries limited on the artwork they can sell, they are typically not as educated on the product. Our staff at our Signature Gallery are very knowledgeable with the product and editions. All Thomas Kinkade galleries are privately owned and operated and hence, are all run differently and without the high ethical standards we have.
  • We have the only video testimonials from both Thomas Kinkade himself (which you'll find on our homepage) and his brother Patrick Kinkade (you'll find on our testimonial page). Who else to trust than the Kinkade family themselves?
  • State of the art shipping: we operate the largest warehouse encompassing the largest selection of inventory in the nation. We have two full-time warehouse employees who use the best state of the art packaging materials. We ship via Federal Express and all shipments are 100% fully insured which we pay for, not our customers. We will also notify you with your tracking number when your shipment is made so you'll know exactly when it will be delivered.
  • Four free Master Highlighter events per year which add $250 value to each canvas and a special visit from Patrick Kinkade as well in which he will highlight and sketch your painting for free (as long as the painting is purchased from us.  This process is based on availability and not guaranteed for all purchases
  • Free frame exchange program! If you purchase a framed canvas from us and wish to change out the frame later, we'll do it at no charge as long as the frame is in the same perfect condition as it was when it was originally sold. The customer is responsible for all shipping charges and this program does not apply for special/custom ordered frames and only applies to frames purchased from our galleries or website.
  • We sell Thomas Kinkade Originals at the lowest prices. As a result of our terrific relationship with the Kinkade family, we have the ability to acquire originals which other galleries do not have access to. We also sell Thomas Kinkade originals at the best prices since we do not have to go through a third party to acquire them!
  • Life-time warranty on all limited editions released after 2004.
  • We have an "A+" Rating from the Better Business Bureau with no complaints ever filed.
  • Free verbal and written appraisals for our customers on current market value of your sold out Kinkade canvas pieces.
  • We will bring paintings of your choice to your home or office at no charge, to see if they fit or go well with your décor. No purchase or obligation to purchase is necessary.
  • Need us to stay open longer? No problem. Just call us and we'll happily stay open at your convenience.
  • Our knowledge of the product. We know or can find the answer to virtually all your Thomas Kinkade questions.
  • We're honest! Even if some sales are lost, at least we sleep well at night.
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Why not purchase on-line from Ebay or an unauthorized Gallery? I'm sure I can get a deal!

The internet is definitely the place to find deals and since all authorized Thomas Kinkade Galleries are forbidden to sell Thom's limited edition art at a discount, it seems like buying on-line would be a good decision. However, you must do it the right way and use caution. We cannot express how many times we have had a customer come into the gallery asking for help with an online purchase of a Kinkade piece where they were misinformed or duped altogether and obviously, our gallery will take the necessary time to assist in such purchases since they were not purchased from us.

Here are examples you'll find often from listings placed on Ebay, Craigslist or other similar websites: The listings are frequently misrepresented, either intentionally or out of ignorance and are often offered as 'signed' which in fact were not signed by Thomas Kinkade at all but rather forged or signed by an autopen. Some listings offer works of art which are not even Thomas Kinkade's but claim to be 'original' and many were illegally created.

Other examples include the customer receiving a damaged, stolen, or fraudulent piece, a paper piece instead of a canvas, a piece without the Certificate of Authenticity, or not receiving the piece at all. We even had a customer order what they thought was a limited edition canvas, only to receive a paper edition which was glued to a foam core base, then sprayed with epoxy to look like a canvas. We currently have this piece in our gallery to show our walk-in customers why not to buy from an unauthorized Thomas Kinkade gallery. It's very important to note that Ebay and other online sellers do not guarantee the product to be authentic. In fact, here is a direct quote from Ebay's "Buyer's Protection Policy" stating " Remember, Ebay Buyer Protection doesn't cover fraudulent charges or most cases of buyer remorse."

Unfortunately, there are many scams on-line with much of it made overseas in China or Thailand where there are no copyright laws. These countries reproduce these images and usually sell them online and often distort the truth and state the item was authorized by the Thomas Kinkade Company. The fraud has really escalated since Thom's death. In fact, Thomas Kinkade is the number one selling artist in Thailand, South Korea, Philippines, and Vietnam. But did you know the Thomas Kinkade Company receives nothing from those sales since they are frauds? All Thomas Kinkade authorized products are made in the USA.

Most importantly, any purchases from an unauthorized Kinkade gallery will not receive any of the support, service, or ad-ons we give to our customers (see "why purchase from us" answers above). We have even experienced horrific service from other authorized Thomas Kinkade galleries. In fact, one has a very successful online store where he also sells on Ebay. We purchased a Thomas Kinkade Limited Edition canvas from this company on Ebay and since he has an authorized Kinkade gallery in the midwest, we figured we would be safe purchasing from him. Instead, the canvas we received was faded so much that Thom's signature on the front and edition number were not visible, and there were 3 inches where the paint had completely been torn off as a result from removing it from the frame. This gallery actually used a highlighter marker to color in this area.  I contacted the owner (of this authorized Thomas Kinkade Showcase Gallery) who told me his business is so successful and busy that he did not have time to check the canvases he sends out and although he did offer to have me return it (at my expense) he refused to compensate me the $250 to have the Thomas Kinkade Company repair it. Needless to say, his customer service and product he sent me was completely unacceptable and very unprofessional by our standards. Although there are many good and ethical owners out there, we have unfortunately experienced on occasion, some Signature Gallery owners doing unethical things such as forging Thom's signature on the back of a canvas. This is why we recommend you require a gallery to provide a certificate of authenticity, authenticating any original signatures or drawings done by Thomas Kinkade on the back of a canvas. Our galleries do provide this at no additional charge.

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for and if you think the price is too good to be true, it probably is. So if you're going to invest in Thomas Kinkade artwork, do it right and buy from a Thomas Kinkade Signature Gallery who you trust. If you want the best service and value, buy it from us! To verify if a gallery is in fact, legitimate, call the Thomas Kinkade Company direct at 800-366-3733 (choose extension 3 to talk to a customer care representative). Remember, our galleries and website are the only ones where you will find a video testimonial from Thomas Kinkade himself (on the homepage) and another one from his brother Patrick Kinkade (on our Testimonials page).
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Does Thomas Kinkade Limited Edition artwork really appreciate after they sell out?

All of Thomas Kinkade's sold out limited edition canvas artworks have a history of appreciating over time. For example, Kinkade's "Snow White" Disney canvas sold out in just six months and in just 2 years, it tripled in value. After Thom's passing, this painting has increased more than 5xs the original price. In fact, we called and/or emailed our Snow White customers and offered to buy back their paintings at twice the price they paid for it. Thomas Kinkade's Pinocchio, Peter Pan and Cinderella paintings have also doubled in price just 6 months after they sold out. However, we still recommend that collectors primarily purchase a Thomas Kinkade painting for your personal enjoyment.

You should acquire the painting for its beauty and because you love it. There are not too many things you can acquire for $1,000 and enjoy and share with their family and friends for a lifetime and then pass on to your children and your grandchildren.
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What is the best lighting to use to capture the effects in Thomas Kinkade's artwork?

Thomas Kinkade spent a lot of time adding color and detail to his artwork which made his paintings so radiant. It is the amount of color, thin layers of paint and his patience in applying the color which allows the painting to capture the light so brilliantly and is why Thom is known as "The Painter of Light™."

The natural light in your home will create the subtle changes in your painting throughout the day as the light changes in your home. We use the lighting system in our galleries to demonstrate how lighting affects the image. Our customers can enjoy the same experience at home that they enjoyed in our galleries very easily. Any halogen spot light usually does the trick. Depending on the size of the painting, two or more spot lights will increase the effect. 60 or 75 watt Par 30 or Par 38 lights work well, but just about any spotlight will work.

Probably the most important thing to consider is that the spotlights should hit the painting at an angle of AT LEAST 45 degrees, but 60 to 90 degrees is the best recommendation to prevent any glare from the lights. For a more economical means, you can purchase 30" picture lights from most hardware and art stores which you can mount to the back of the frame. Be sure to get one with a manual dimmer on the cord. You can also purchase this type of cord separately for about $10.
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What is a Master Highlighter Event?

Each limited edition canvas is hand-highlighted by a specially trained professional artist or it was highlighted by Thomas Kinkade himself prior to the painting being shipped to the gallery. Pieces which are hand highlighted by a Master Highlighter cost significantly less than one highlighted by Thomas Kinkade (Studio Proof and Master Editions). To add to the experience of buying the artwork, our galleries host about 4 Master Highlighting events throughout the year.  These events consist of a Master Highlighter visiting our galleries and enhancing our customers' paintings by adding additional oil brushstrokes and texturing while our customers watch!

Master Highlighter events give the collector the chance to interact with the Highlighter while their image is enhanced in front of them. Those who have their painting highlighted gain an even greater connection to their piece from the way the painting comes alive through the enhancements.

A Master Highlighter is literally a walking encyclopedia of Thom's artwork, and he loves to share this knowledge with collectors enabling them to learn the details and background surrounding their painting(s). The Master Highlighter is limited to how many paintings he can highlight at these events. Only two percent of Thom's limited edition canvas pieces have this extra highlighting added.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT TO HAVE YOUR CANVAS HIGHLIGHTED! Having your canvas highlighted adds an additional $250 value to your canvas and is FREE to collectors who purchase from us. If you are not in the state of Colorado, simply ship your canvas to our gallery prior to a scheduled highlighting event and leave the rest up to us. Or when you purchase, inquire when our next Master Highlighting event will be and if you're in no hurry, we'll hold it for the next event before shipping it to you. We dare you to find another gallery which will provide such service. Don't worry, if you miss one event, you can always attend another event since we have them so frequently. Master Highlighting is available for limited edition Thomas Kinkade artwork only and it must have been purchased through this website or at one of our Colorado gallery locations, otherwise the cost is $250. To learn more, click on our "Special Events/News tab at the upper left corner of this page where you can also watch a short 90 second video capturing the Master Highlighter at work.
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What is a Patrick Kinkade Event?

Patrick Kinkade (Thom's only brother) grew up with Thom and they had an extremely close relationship. Pat will sometimes travel to Thomas Kinkade galleries of his choice, meet with collectors, and share stories of growing up with Thom. Like Thom, Pat is also a painter and he is considered the next best thing to Thomas Kinkade himself especially since he is now the face of the company.

Much like a Master Highlighter event, Patrick Kinkde will not only highlight your painting, but he will also draw a series of original pencil sketches on the reverse side of all limited edition canvas paintings purchased fromthis website or from our Colorado based Thomas Kinkade Signature Gallery. This adds a total of $550 to each painting.

In addition, Pat Kinkade will bring with him several Thomas Kinkade ORIGINAL paintings and hand drawn sketches which are sold at the event at a tremendous discount of around 75% off the market price. Our Galleries also sell original artwork from Pat's nineteen year old son, Zac Kinkade. Zac is Thomas Kinkade's only direct relative who truly has the gift to be the next Kinkade great artist and he has dedicated his life in following in the footsteps of his famous uncle. Of course, having Pat Kinkade as your father and Thomas Kinkade as your mentor has allowed Zac to grow in his skills as an artist. His original artwork is stupendous and is sold at our galleries for very affordable prices (typically around $500). There is great speculation that Zac Kinkade will become the next great heir to Thomas Kinkade and anticipating this, many Kinkade collectors are purchasing his original artwork from our galleries before he becomes published. Please call toll free 888-202-2071 regarding any interest you have in purchasing Zac Kinkade artwork.
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What symbols can we find in Kinkade's art?

Thomas often pays tribute to his family in his paintings by incorporating their images or initials into the paintings. In 1990, he began the tradition of hiding the letter "N" in his paintings, in honor of his wife of 25 years, Nanette.

In the lower corner of his paintings is a number referring to the number of times the letter "N"appears in the painting. In many of his paintings, Thom includes symbolization such as four ducks representing his four daughters. Many of his paintings include Thom and his family, whether they're in a rowboat, hailing a cab, walking along a path, or Thom riding his vintage motorcycle. In Thom's Disney pieces, he hides Mickey Mouse ears. Thom has also done tributes to his mother by putting assorted hearts in his paintings.
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What charity work does Thomas Kinkade support?

Thomas Kinkade was extremely generous by not only donating funds but also by raising funds for various non-profit organizations focusing on children and humanitarian relief, such as: The Make-A-Wish Foundation, World Vision, Art for Children Charities, Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army, Denver's Alzheimer's Association, the Tim Tebow Foundation and 25 volunteer national network centers. In addition, Thomas Kinkade would only visit galleries for events with the agreement that there would be an auction for charity.

He often donates works which have raised millions for charities such as the donation of his 2001 "Light of Freedom" painting. This image helped raise over $2 million to help the families affected by the 9/11 tragedy. In 2006, Thomas raised over $600,000 for those affected by the hurricane Katrina disaster on the gulf coast. The Thomas Kinkade Company and its galleries are also strong supporters of "Victory Junction Gang Camp" which provides life changing camping experiences for children with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses. Our galleries have recently partnered up with charities benefiting The Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow's Foundation (benefiting orphanages and underprivileged children). In fact, our galleries alone have already raised over $40,000 for the Tim Tebow Foundation.
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Why does Thomas Kinkade release different Limited Editions instead of just keeping it simple by offering one or two editions?

Thomas Kinkade believes that people of all economic classes should be allowed to obtain his work. The different canvas editions allow collectors to spend as little as under $1000 to $40,000+ on a Limited Edition piece, depending on the size and how close they wish to get to an original canvas. This allows collectors to choose their price range based on what they can afford rather than just having one set price point to acquire Thom's art.
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What is a Standard Number (S/N) Edition?

Most affordable limited edition with the highest number of editions released. Hand highlighted by a trained apprentice at the Thomas Kinkade workshop in Morgan Hill, California. Available through any authorized Thomas Kinkade Gallery. Framed Price ranges from $750 (12x16), $995 (18x27), $1680 (24x36), and $2250 (28x42).
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What is an Artist Proof (A/P) Edition?

Canvas is identical to the Standard Numbered (including hand highlighting). However, only 20% of the S/N release number are released as an Artist Proof, causing the artist proof to sell out quicker and be considered more of a collectible. For example, if 1000 Standard Number pieces were released, only 200 were released in the Artist Proof. The Artist Proof runs about $165 more than the Standard Numbered (S/N) piece regardless to the size of the canvas. Framed Price ranges from $910 (12x16), $1160 (18x27), $1840 (24x36), and $2410 (28x42).
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What is a Gallery Proof (G/P) Edition?

Canvas is identical to the Standard Numbered (including hand highlighting). Only 35% of the S/N release number are released as a Gallery Proof. Therefore, if 1000 Standard Numbered pieces were released, only 35% or 350 editions of the Gallery Proof will be released. The Gallery Proof is the same price as the artist proof.

So why do collector's purchase a G/P over an A/P if they cost the same? The Gallery Proof is typically viewed as more of a collectible piece since it is only sold through Thomas Kinkade Signature Galleries, so it is not as widely available as the others. Most importantly however, each Gallery Proof painting is assigned its own foil stamp symbol which is located on the front of the canvas above Thom's signature and is about the size of a dime.

The foil stamp is chosen by Thom which symbolizes the piece or is an item shown in the painting itself. For example, the foil stamp depicted on the "Spirit of NY" is an apple representing New York's nickname, "the big apple. Gallery Proof editions are the only editions that have a foil stamp on them and often sell out the quickest.
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What is a Publishers Proof (P/P) Edition?

Canvas is identical to the Standard Numbered (including hand highlighting). Only 18% of the S/N release number are released as a Publisher Proof and a Publisher Proof may only be purchased from a Thomas Kinkade Signature Gallery, making the Publisher Proof more of a collectible. Therefore, if 1000 Standard Numbered pieces were released, only 18% or 180 editions of the Publisher Proof will be released. A Publisher Proof typically costs about $210 more than a Standard Number (S/N) Edition
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What is a Renaissance Edition (RE)?

A Renaissance Edition has a much stronger resemblance to Thom's original painting since it is heavily highlighted and worked on meticulously by a master highlighter who uses a much more detailed and textured brushstroke process using a transparent acrylic base throughout the entire painting to help recreate the glazing process which Thom uses on his originals.

The glazing is a strong contributing factor to the illuminating effect which Thom's paintings are known for. A Renaissance not only looks more detailed with more texture and depth added by the glazing, but the colors and details of the painting essentially "pop" more than the S/N, A/P, and G/P editions. After the glazing process is applied, it is then heavily highlighted (about three to five times more than editions lower than a Renaissance).When the master highlighter is finished, the painting would be sent to Thom's Ivy Gate studio where upon approving of the piece, Thomas Kinkade would then personally hand sign the front of the canvas which he never does on any editions lower than a Renaissance.

A special silkscreen watermark symbol is also applied to the back side of the canvas. Renaissance Editions are only sold in Signature Galleries and only 8% of the S/N release number are released as a Renaissance Edition. Therefore if 1000 Standard Numbered pieces were released, there would be only 80 Renaissance releases. . Due to Thom's passing in April 2012, Renaissance Editions can no longer be made since Thom can no longer sign them. As a result, Renaissance Editions are extremely rare and are sometimes unavailable to us. Therefore, we may not  be able to fulfill all Renaissance orders made on the website. If this is the case, we will notify you within 7 business days and refund you 100% of your purchase.
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What is a Studio Proof (S/P) Edition?

The same process (including the glazing) applied to a Renaissance Edition is used for the Studio Proof. However, after the glazing has dried, Thomas Kinkade will then personally personally highlight the piece. Whereas on a Renaissance Edition, a Master Highlighter does all the highlights, in a Studio Proof, Thomas Kinkade actually adds paint to the canvas. In addition, he will hand sign the front of the canvas in liquid gold ink.

Studio Proofs are only sold through signature galleries and only 4% of the S/N release number are released as a Studio Proof. Therefore, if 1000 Standard Numbered pieces were released, there would only be 40 Studio Proofs released. So the big deal with a Studio Proof is that Thomas Kinkade himself actually applied the oils himself to your canvas. Since Studio Proofs are so special, Thomas Kinkade will never highlight a canvas at special events or such but rather reserves this for work in his studio and it is only applied to a Studio Proof or Master Edition. Studio Proof framed price ranges are as follows: $4,940 (18x27), $7,950 (24x36), $10,870 (28x42). Due to Thom's passing in April 2012, Studio Proofs can no longer be made since Thom can no longer work on them. As a result, Studio Proofs are extremely rare and are sometimes unavailable to us. Therefore, we may not  be able to fulfill all Studio Proof orders made on the website. If this is the case, we will notify you within 7 business days and refund you 100% of your purchase.
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What is an Estate Edition (E/E)?

The Estate Edition is a special reserved edition created with a textured brushstroke process. This edition was created after Thomas Kinkade passed away because the R/E and S/P were no longer possible to produce. It is then finished by a Certified Master Highlighter and a special remarque is applied to the verso side of the canvas. Each Estate Edition is designated by letters EE after the print number and a metallic authorized signature is applied to the front of the canvas. Due to the exclusivity of this piece, all Estate Edition prints are limited to distribution through Signature Galleries and Thomas Kinkade Corporate Galleries.

Estate Edition Features:

  • Small edition size 6% of SN (same as RE)
  • Hand applied gel texturing (same as RE)
  • Additional highlighting by certified Master Highlighters
  • Special silk-screen remarque on the verso side of each EE canvas
  • Special nameplate
  • Special black folder for the Certificate of Authenticity (This folder is currently used for RE and SP)


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What is a Jewell Edition (J/E)?

Jewel Editions have special hand applied crushed diamonds, crystal & 14 karat gold (looks like Pixie Dust) added to the painting which is incredible because it adds a magical Disney look and enhances certain features of the painting. Jewel Editions also have about 3 times more added hand highlights, and have an exclusive silkscreen remarque with signature on the back. They are extremely rare at just 95 releases per size & sell out quickly.  The Jewell Edition is only available in select Thomas Kinkade Disney paintings.
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What is a Master Edition (M/E)? *Available Please contact one of our galleries if interested in purchasing.

Only ONE Master Edition in the world is released and this is the closest a collector can get to the Original but for a fraction of the price of an original. In a Master Edition, the ENTIRE glazing and highlighting process is done by Thomas Kinkade himself. In other words, no Master Highlighters or anybody else touches a Master Edition but Thomas Kinkade. Thom works the entire painting with oil paint and colors and uses original brush strokes to enhance the painting and glazing process. Thom typically takes over three months to complete a Master Edition. The best way to describe a Master Edition is to say that Thomas Kinkade basically repaints the entire piece himself.

When Thomas Kinkade is finished, he will put his thumb print to the back of the canvas and will hand draw an original sketch on the reverse side of the piece. He will then sign the front of the piece. A Master Edition is only available through Signature Galleries and one is released in the same sizes as the S/N. In other words, if a certain Kinkade title is released in sizes 18x27 and 24x36, there will be ONE M/E of these sizes released as well. Framed M/E prices are as follows: $16,860 (12x16 size), $18,400 (12x18 size), $21,750 (12x24 or 16x20 sizes), $24,500 (18x24, 20x24, or 18x27 sizes), $35,500 (24x30 or 18x36 sizes), $41,000 (24x36 or 25.5x34 sizes), $54,700 (28x42, 30x40, or 24x48 sizes)
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How can I purchase a Thomas Kinkade Original Painting?

Our galleries sell Thomas Kinkade original releases based on which ones his family is willing to sell. Many of Thom's originals are kept in his home, given to family or friends, or often donated to charity auctions and such. In addition, Thomas Kinkade had many original works which were never published and therefore, you will not find any images of them online. However, our galleries acquire many of these pieces directly from the Kinkade family and by eliminating the middleman, we can offer these originals at incredibly low prices. The price for a Thomas Kinkade original is based on its popularity. For example, Thomas Kinkade's original Disneyland 50th Anniversary has been appraised at over $1 million but this is also an extremely popular piece. A Thomas Kinkade original painting which was published will typically run around $150,000 to $400,000 depending on its popularity (please pay special attention to our prices which are much more affordable). On the other hand, one can save thousands of dollars by acquiring an original Kinkade which was never published. These pieces can run as low as $15,000 to $40,000 (our prices are typically $3,000+). If you are interested in acquiring a Thomas Kinkade original, you may check out some of these originals on this website or call 888-202-2071.
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I've heard some negative stories about Thomas Kinkade and his art work. Are these true?

The fact that at the age of just 54, Thomas Kinkade was the number one collected artist creating a huge outpoor of jealous artists, non-Kinkade art collectors, disgruntled Kinkade employees or ex-gallery owners who did not have business sense to make it. As a result of jealousy and hatred at Thom's accomplishments, many gross rumors are spread via the internet and some have even been reported to media agencies who sometimes chose to exaggerate or twist the story by making it as negative as possible to help sell its contents. Keep in mind, Thomas Kinkade made some enemies when in 2002, not happy with the way things were being run by the company who represented and owned all rights to his artwork, Thomas Kinkade decided to purchase all the stock in the company (Lightpost Publishing), clean house, and run it the way he wanted it to be run. Thom changed the company name to the Thomas Kinkade Company and ended the majority of mass production which was prevalent in the 1990s, making his art work much more collectible and valuable. However, in doing this, he gave walking papers to many greedy ex-executives in which some sought out to punish Kinkade for his actions. In addition, some gallery owners suffered losses due to various rough economical times-especially after September 11th, 2001. Some of these gallery owners in turn felt the need to blame Thom for their demise instead of taking responsibility for their own actions and coming up with a solution. As a result, lawsuits were filed and after having them thrown out, the internet and news media proved to be the best method for some of these culprits to try and slander Thom and his works. It's unfortunate that such rumors can be posted on the internet or reported by some media outlets so freely without providing any proof or verification that the rumors are true. It really comes down to the fact that the more popular and famous a person is, the more negative and hateful messages you'll hear despite their true reputation. For example, try google searching the words "I hate" and then type in any famous moral person like Gandhi, Mother Teresa or even Jesus Christ. You'll be amazed at the hate and unfair rumors spread about these wonderful people.

After attempting to respond to such rumors and negative media publicity, only to realize that his words were often edited in a negative manner or simply ignored in general, Thomas Kinkade chose to simply ignore the rumors and persevere. What's amazing is Thomas Kinkade never seemed to say anything negative about some of the main culprits and rather tried to just focus on the future and what's best for his collectors and galleries. Do you need proof that Thomas Kinkade is legitimate and his artwork is valuable? How about the fact alone that major companies like Disney, Billy Graham, Major League Baseball, Warner Brothers, Nascar, Indianapolis 500, Elvis Presley Enterprises, The Denver Broncos, The Tim Tebow Foundation, and Biltmore Hotel corporation have partnered with Thomas Kinkade and align their reputation on Thom's? Or how about the fact that Thomas Kinkade is still the number one collected artist in the world? During our worst recession in 2009, our Colorado Galleries also endured some losses as well. However, we have still managed to succeed and even expand during this time, with intentions to continue growing for our customers despite other galleries who have closed, some continuing to blame Thom for their demise. We are proud to represent Thomas Kinkade's artwork and show it in our manner of operation.
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