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Yankee Stadium Painting

Yankee Stadium PaintingYankee Stadium Painting
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Yankee Stadium Painting

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Thomas Kinkade's Yankee Stadium was released in August 2007. Thomas Kinkade is a die hard baseball fan and he could not turn down the Yankees offer to paint Yankee Stadium in it's final year.

The New York Yankees invited Thomas Kinkade to be the first painter ever allowed to enter the stadium to paint it. Thomas Kinkade purposely made this painting timeless without batters boxes since there were different periods in time which Yankee Stadium had the boxes and did not have the batters boxes. Of course Thomas Kinkade had to paint the Yankees out in the field and their opponents are done in such a way where they could almost be anyone.

You'll be very intrigued at the fantastic shadows Thomas Kinkade did on this painting, especially when you dim the lights on the piece. If you are a die hard Yankees fan or simply a MLB fan in general, this is the piece for you. Yankee Stadium by Thomas Kinkade is officially licensed by Major League Baseball and the New York Yankees making this a true baseball collectible!

"In 2008, Yankee Stadium, the greatest cathedral to the game of baseball, will close its doors forever. I could not let such a historic moment pass without honoring it in my way. This is the original Yankee Stadium - the house that Ruth built. For eighty-five years, some of the greatest players in the game have called Yankee Stadium home."

Thomas Kinkade

Yankee Stadium Painting
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Thomas Kinkade NY Yankees: Yankee Stadium

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