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"Pinocchio Wishes Upon a Star" Limited Edition Canvas

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Product Info

starting at: $1,495.00+

Thomas Kinkade's Pinocchio Wishes Upon a Star is the second release in Kinkade's Disney Dreams Collection. Thomas Kinkade's Pinocchio Wishes Upon a Star was released in February 2009 and sold out in just 3 months and has more than tripled in value.

Thomas Kinkade Pinocchio Wishes Upon a star has over 300 hours of studio work to it. You'll be amazed at how Thomas Kinkade captured the ENTIRE story in just one image. All of the characters are featured in this piece: Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, the Blue Fairy, Honest John and the mute cat, the evil puppet master Stromboli, Gepetto, Cleo (his gold fish), and Figaro (his cat) on the sailboat searching for Pinocchio while being chased by Monstro the whale, and don't forget the evil stagecoach driver carrying the boys to Pleasure Island.

Some other interesting facts about this piece: There are tons of hidden Mickey Mouse ears,
25 hidden letter N's as a tribute to Thom's wife Nanette, 1940 is on the gate post and represents the year the movie was made. Geppetto's workshop along with 200 other homes making up the village, and a book on the bench in front of Geppetto's workshop. This is the book which is featured at the start of the movie when the pages are turned and we are invited to enter into this fairy tale. A hidden cat, a hidden mouse (watching the cat). After all, “It all started with a mouse” are the famous words of Walt Disney. Walt Disney's face can actually be seen in the crowd surrounding Stromboli's stage. Can you find him? 5 sailboats. The Sea Cliff where Pinocchio decides to dive off of to find Geppetto. A hidden bottle with a message in it, floating at sea. Butterflies and balloons can be found representing the Disney Theme Parks and a symbol of celebration. The letter “W” for Thom’s second to youngest daughter, “Winsor,” who is a talented singer and acted in her school musical “Pinocchio.” A hidden Celtic cross on a sailboat (common during those times). A hidden old traditional broom.

Our galleries are one of the only Thomas Kinkade Signature Galleries left which still have available Thomas Kinkade's Pinocchio Wishes Upon a Star along with his other Disney Dreams Collection series. However, this won't last long so listen to your conscience and buy it today.

Thomas Kinkade is on schedule to release two Disney Dreams pieces a year.

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