Original Peter Pan Paint Brush of 21

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This is one of 21 original paint brushes which were actually used by Thomas Kinkade to paint his Original Tinker Bell and Peter Pan Fly to Neverland painting which was 24"x36" in size and released in June 2009. The first 21 paint brushes Thomas Kinkade used in each of his Disney Dreams Collection were carefully stored for safekeeping by Thomas Kinkade in the order of its use. Yes, these brushes actually have real, visible paint on them from the original painting itself and were actually used by Thom to paint the original. Thom has given these brushes to his brother Patrick Kinkade who in turn chose to frame each one in a very elegant and complimentary frame. Since all Thomas Kinkade originals are sold directly from Thomas Kinkade's family and NOT sold by the Thomas Kinkade Company, the Certificate of Authenticity provided is different from the typical ones found on Thomas Kinkade product. Rather, these Certificates of Authenticity are personally hand signed by Patrick Kinkade, guaranteeing it's authenticity. Thom and Patrick chose a very limited amount of Thomas Kinkade Signature Galleries to sell original artwork and we are fortunate to be one of them. This is an extremely rare opportunity to acquire a Thomas Kinkade original Disney collectible which obviously played a major role in producing his Original Disney Release of Tinker Bell and Peter Pan Fly to Neverland which was appraised at over $1 million.

Original Peter Pan Paint Brush of 21
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Starting at: $2,500.00
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Thomas Kinkade Tinkerbell and Peter Pan fly to Neverland

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