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Thomas Kinkade’s Last Painting – Away From It All

Thomas Kinkade Last Painting Away From It All

Away From It All by Thomas Kinkade

After Thomas Kinkade’s death, his last painting was revealed at a special celebration, “The Thomas Kinkade Legacy Celebration.” Titled, “Away From It All”, this special painting contains elements of Kinkade’s signature of sparkling lights, a beautiful crescent moon, and a comforting woodland cottage, where man’s best friend awaits his return. His classic use of light is ever present in this work, his last, and possibly one of his most memorable.

Kinkade loved the town of Cape May, as it offered an idyllic setting. He loved to visit the area to capture the essence of the architecture of this glorious seaside area. It was only fitting, that the venue for displaying “The Thomas Kinkade Legacy Collection,” was the Cape May Convention Hall. The legacy presentation contained the largest display of the artist’s collections, but it was also the place for the unveiling of his last work of art that captivated the crowd that gathered for the unveiling.

It was Patrick Kinkade who offered the work for all to see, along with a video depicting the life of the painter and his works. He talked about his brother Thomas as a young boy, who even then had a love for art, and told how he would cover a table, line up his tools and refer to it as his studio. He also told of how Thomas’ work was divinely inspired, but also brought the painter’s life down to the human level, as he discussed him living and struggling, like any other human on earth.

The audience was not interested in the foibles of the painter, but wished to celebrate the painter of light, through his works of charming cottages, beautiful churches, and stunning landscapes. During his lifetime Kinkade often talked of being raised in the majestic surroundings of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, which always inspired him later in life. This was a place where he could venture high into the mountains, away from everything, and feel the hand of God in the beauty that surrounded him.

It was his hope, that in his last painting, “Away From It All,” people would be able to feel God’s embrace, bring themselves back to the center of their being, and feel the comfort that he experienced in this retreat. The inner peace he felt came from the moon watching over the mountain forests, as it moved from daylight into nighttime, the serenity felt by the fisherman returning home, as he passed by the brook and waterfall, with man’s faithful companion waiting for him.

The purpose of the painting, was to portray the peace and calm, which Kinkade hoped would be discovered by others, as they found their place to be “Away from it All.” With his unusual ability to bring people into his painting, those who view this last work will allow themselves to be transported to another time and place and feel the majesty of life.

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