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Thomas Kinkade original paintings how much do they cost?

This article reviews the various styles and prices of Thomas Kinkade original artwork available for purchase. Our galleries are one of a few who sell Kinkade originals and due to our relationship with the Kinkade family, we typically sell Thomas Kinkade original art at 50% to 75% off the price of other sellers. Sales are typically approved and arranged by Thomas Kinkade and his brother Patrick Kinkade. Since Thomas Kinkade is the number one collected artist of all time EVER, his original paintings are obviously in high demand and are considered extremely valuable. Also keep in mind that some of Thom’s originals are not available for a number of reasons: they either were sold, donated, or personally kept by Thom or his family. This blog is divided into different sections based on paragraphs. Scroll to the paragraph which interests you. They are sorted by price point (least expensive to most expensive) as follows:

*Thomas Kinkade original sketches
*Thomas Kinkade original oil paintings on paper
*Thomas Kinkade original non-published oil paintings on canvas (Plein Air style)
*Thomas Kinkade original non-published oil paintings on canvas (Traditional style)
*Thomas Kinkade original oil paintings PUBLISHED
*Myths and rumors and about Thom’s original artwork

THOMAS KINKADE ORIGINAL SKETCHES: Thomas Kinkade will typically start off a new painting by first sketching what it is he plans to paint, using a charcoal (black colored) sketching pencil. These sketches will often entail ideas he pulls out from his mind or an actual location he sees which he thinks might make a good future painting. As a result, Thomas Kinkade will often create several sketches for just one painting. Because these sketches are one of a kind originals, they typically fetch a high price, especially if it pertains to a painting which was published and sold very well. For example, a Thomas Kinkade sketch used to help him develop one of his Disney paintings would have a starting price of about $10,000. If it is a Thomas Kinkade sketch which he simply did in general capturing his ideas at that moment, this sketch would fetch anywhere from $2000 to $5000 depending on the detail and size of the sketch. If the sketch has color in it (very rare), it will typically be priced about 35% more than a black penciled sketch. Our galleries are often supplied with original Thomas Kinkade sketches which we sell way below the valued price, usually between $500 to $1500.

THOMAS KINKADE ORIGINAL PAINTINGS ON PAPER: Thom did a lot of experimenting with paints in his lifetime. In some cases it was more convenient for Thomas Kinkade to paint on paper rather than canvas. Although this is very rare, there are still some Thomas Kinkade original oil works on paper. The price is significantly more than sketches since actual oils were used. Depending on the size, the price is typically $15,000 to $25,000. Our galleries currently have in stock a series of 8 rustic mountain originals on paper: sizes 8″x6″ which we have on special for $3000 each or multiples sales at $2500 each.

THOMAS KINKADE ORIGINAL PLEIN AIR PAINTINGS (non-published): A Thomas Kinkade original painting which has not been published or released is going to be much more less in price than a published painting. Also, a plein air style is typically painted by Thomas Kinkade in just one day and usually comprises of a landscape scene. Again, depending on the size, an original non-published plein air painting typically runs from $20,000 to $40,000 in price. Our galleries currently have original 8″x 10″ non-published plein air paintings for sale at $5000 each.

TRADITIONAL STYLE THOMAS KINKADE ORIGINAL PAINTINGS ON CANVAS (non-published): Again, there will be a substantial price difference if you acquire a Thomas Kinkade original which has not been published or released to the public. Thomas Kinkade’s traditional styles which is the typical style of painting he is known for (i.e. cabins, cottages, lighthouses, cityscapes, etc), start at about $35,000 and go up to about $95,000 in price depending on the size. Our galleries have sold 8″x10″ sizes starting at $10,000.

PUBLISHED THOMAS KINKADE ORIGINAL OIL PAINTINGS ON CANVAS (released to the public). Much of the price point here lies with the popularity of the painting. For example, Thomas Kinkade’s original Disneyland 50th Anniversary painting was appraised at $2 million but that is because it is Disney. Another factor is the size. If you wanted an original Thomas Kinkade published painting in a small size such as 12×18 or 16×20, you’re looking at a starting price of about $60,000. A 18×27 original published size would start at about $70,000 for a plein air style and about $110,000 for a traditional style. A 24×36 or similar size original will typically have a starting price of around $180,000. Prices will go up dramatically depending on it’s popularity.

MYTHS AND RUMORS: I’ve heard customers tell me that galleries have informed them that Thomas Kinkade originals typically sell for over $1 million. That’s a bit of an exaggeration. True, that Thom does have originals priced well over $1 million like his original Disney paintings. However, that is greatly because these paintings were published and they sold out super quick due to the huge demand. Thom has also donated original works of art to charity auctions in which a live auction will take place to a very high end, upscale crowd (the Donald Trump types) who will bid like there is no tomorrow resulting in bids of over $1 million in which the proceeds benefit charity. But for the most part, as long as Thom is alive, his originals are actually deemed very affordable and great investments.

If you have any further questions, please call email John McIntire at

Written by John McIntire (Owner)
Thomas Kinkade Signature Galleries of Colorado

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3 Responses to Thomas Kinkade original paintings how much do they cost?

  1. lori keeler says:

    Could you please give me the retail prices on this art please. All art is framed–All canvas
    Sweetheart cottage three–S&N 18/24
    Christmas tree cottage–S&N 12/16
    Mountain Majesty–S&N AP 18/24
    Olde porterfield gift shoppe–S&N AP 16/20
    Conquering the storms–S&N 18/27
    Open gate–S&N 18/24
    Stairway to paradise–S&N 18/24
    Pools of serenity–S&N 24/30
    Quiet evening–S&N 20/24
    Twilight cottage–S&N 16/20

    Thankyou for your time–Lori keeler

    • John McIntire says:

      We only give written appraisals and they are $35 for the first and $25 thereafter. We no longer offer to give verbal or written appraisals for free due to the time this takes away from us and the fact that people take advantage over us by quoting what we say in their ads selling their artwork. $35 and $25 is an incredibly low fee for a written appraisal.

  2. revadee veranunt says:

    Do you carry Kinkade original painting?

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